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At In Bloom, the goal is to meet you where you are. Your experiences are unique to you, which means you play a large role in the focus and direction of the therapeutic process.
Our services give you the opportunity to choose what will work best for your life. From the initial consult to choosing the appropriate type of session, you have the power to impact your healing and growth.

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Free 15-Minute Phone Consult
If you’re wondering if counselling is a good option, this is a great first step! It’s a no-commitment 15-minute phone chat with Kenzie to ask questions, share what’s going on, and determine whether she’ll be a good fit for you. If In Bloom doesn’t work for you, Kenzie will try to connect you with other resources.


Individual Online Counselling
It can be really hard to carve out an hour whether you’re working from home, taking care of kiddos, juggling schedules, or just living your life! In Bloom offers 30-minute sessions as a way for you to meet your therapy needs while maintaining your routine.


Individual Online Counselling
Time to focus on you! A 50-minute session is the perfect opportunity to sit down and work one-on-one. Working collaboratively with Kenzie, it’s a chance to explore thoughts and feelings and create goals to move you forward.
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